About me

I’m Edinburgh-based but have previously lived in Hong Kong, Poland, Egypt and Romania. I’ve also worked for extended periods of time in India and Malawi. I try to travel as much as I possibly can but haven’t travelled nearly enough.

I like the fresh eyes that looking through a camera lens can give you. Emile Zola once said that you haven’t really seen a thing until you’ve photographed it. I kind of agree with that.

The photos on this site are all taken by me and copyrighted to me (unless credited otherwise).

Thanks for visiting…


5 Replies to “About me”

  1. Hi Jo
    Great to see that your work is progressing, love it!
    Your piece has pride of place in Nere, when are you coming to see it?
    lesley x

    1. Hey Lesley

      Great to hear from you, can’t wait to see the picture on the wall and more importantly YOU GUYS in your new home on the riviera.
      We’ll thinking around the 19th July? Would that suit?
      Can’t wait
      Jo xx

  2. hey Jo:

    I saw your pics very accidently.
    I live near the circus cafe and just happened to see your website when i was searching the circus cafe thing. I love your works which combined documentary and arts thinking together. I’m an amateurdocumentary photographer myself and I used to think it’s more important to appreciate the ugly-beauty is hypocritical which there’s sacrifice behind.

    whatever I am gonna go for dinner,here’re some infor about me


  3. Hello Greeny, thanks so much for your nice comments, I look forward to seeing you in Circus sometime!

    Thanks also for the link to your site, you have some great photos in there, I especially like the series under Lamaism.

    Thanks again for coming to my site.



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