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I’ve been attempting to digitise my grandfathers Super 8 film. This one is an all-time family classic. The Great Easter Egg Robbery. If you can see past my very amateurish attempt at filming it (complete with split screens and a rogue torch) this little film involves my uncle as the policeman, my gran as the victim of stolen Easter eggs, my aunts as the robbers (watch out for my auntie Liz’s spectacular head first fall over a country gate in the car chase scene), various other neighbours and family members roped in as extras.

I’ve added the music, which I think you’ll agree, goes splendidly with the action.



4 Replies to “The Great Easter Egg Robbery”

    1. Thanks Skadhu – these films have been gathering dust for about 40 years so it’s great to bring them back to life in this way. Although, my aunt said it gave her a very strange feeling to be looking so far back into the past. Amazing to keep these vital pieces of family history, though, isn’t it?

  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant, Jo! It’s fantastic to have family films like this – hope you can revive them all! It’s not just family history either – so many things that would have seemed unremarkable then, are now striking as bits of history – red phone boxes with really heavy doors; boxy shaped cars; women’s dresses. And fascinating too the things that haven’t really changed – houses, gardens, country roads, field gates. Loved it.

  2. Thanks Jo – Brilliant!
    Although I’d like to say that as the ‘child’ star of this production I went on to fame and fortune, sadly neither Hollywood or Ealing came knocking (perhaps it was the split in the trousers that put them off!). Nevertheless Stella and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Shenstone ‘as it was’ and of course seeing all the McNeills in their pomp and prime.
    (uncle) Bill
    PS the original soundtrack was the Z Cars theme and the Flight of the Bumblebee but I prefer your choices.

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