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Hello. It’s been a while. I haven’t been taking many photos recently, which obviously means that for a blog that is ostensibly in existence for the posting of photos, there wasn’t really very much point in stopping by. Either for me or for you.

But hopefully that might start to change.

Starting with Fran’s Granny.

I have always wanted to take a portrait of  Fran’s Granny as I think she has an amazing face, in fact she’s quite amazing generally. She turned 90 this week, received over 100 cards, had 4 parties, 3 cakes; she has lived in south west Scotland for all of those 90 years, knows everyone within about a 30 mile radius, knows their spouses and their offspring and their offspring’s offspring. And even their offspring’s offspring’s offspring.

For all of you worried that your mind may start to deteriorate after the age of 60 or 70, take inspiration from this fledgling nonagenarian – but beware, she’ll probably beat you at Bridge, Sudoku AND Scrabble



5 Replies to “90”

  1. Good to see you back Jo! I was starting to worry about you… Is Fran’s granny on Words With Friends? I need to find new opponents 🙂 Oh – and great photo as always!

    1. Hey Lo – I know, I had a minor blip, wasn’t feeling very inspired but think I’m back now. I don’t think as yet she’s been anywhere near a computer (perhaps saving that for when she turns 100). Hope you are both well too J x

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