I was having a Daddy or Chips moment earlier over what is my single most favourite thing in the house right now.

For the last few weeks, there has been no contest. The plastic bambi-esque stags head on the living room wall has been the out-and-out winner. It’s cute, it’s kitsch, it makes me both smile when I see it and marvel at the fact we got the antlers through customs in Berlin with neither questions nor confiscation.

Then last night out of nowhere, like a jockey-less racehorse, came an unlikely challenger in the form of a newly purchased family pack of Fab ice lollies. Sublimely nostalgic and 8 for a £1 (of which I’ve now eaten 4 and given 2 away!) it reminded me of a birthday card I bought earlier this year with a picture of a group of protesters shouting

“What do we want?”
“Instant gratification!”
“When do we want it?”

However, quietly in the running all along, coming to life when the sun comes out and winding down to a standstill when it goes away again, is the solar-powered waving queen sitting upon the windowsill. Before you look at this photo and think to yourself “Blimey that’s one squalid looking windowsill” the photo was taken on the allotment shed window ledge. If you are now asking yourself the question “Why is she taking a solar-powered waving queen on a trip to the allotment?”. Well what can I say, my Dad used to walk the rabbit up the road in a cat harness – we’re a family that like to take curious objects, both living and inanimate, for a walk!

So for all that my solar-powered waving queen (sounds like a minor speech impediment ‘waving queen’) is gloriously corny, probably a bit over-priced for what you get, serves no useful function other than to wave when the sun comes up, she inexplicably brightens my day, she’s the Chips in my Daddy or Chips.

I’ll leave you to unpick the metaphors as you see fit. Go on, you know you want to!

2 Replies to “Daddy or Chips”

    1. it’s fab isn’t it. I think you can still get them on Amazon. I saw them when I was down in London and thought they looked brill – and they are!!

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