two can do the Dukan too

Seriously, if that isn’t already their advertising slogan, don’t you think it should be?

So I was more intrigued than anything else as to what a protein-only three day ‘Attack Phase’ would look like. Apparently, you can eat as much as you like from ’72 different foods types’. But let’s not kid ourselves here, we’re talking 72 ways with meat, fish and fat-free dairy. Dull, chewy and uninspiring – it is death by translucent cottage cheese. Slightly improved on the second day when I realised you could still use garlic, chilli, mint and coriander.

I had to celebrate surviving 36 hours of this regime with two very large glasses of wine (officially rendering my participation on Monsieur Dukan’s very un-french diet null and void).

Despite being on this regime for only the very shortest possible time I did still become fixated with the food I couldn’t eat.

But what surprised me was the specificity of what I was craving most. It wasn’t the sweet things, despite sugar being most explicitly interdit – not chocolate, ice-cream, biscuits, cakes – I didn’t crave them at all.

A nomadic Saharan once told the journalist Ryszard Kapucinski,

“The desert will teach you one thing. That there is one thing that one can desire and love more than a woman.”

“And that is water.”

Well three days on the Dukan Diet taught me that there was one thing that I could crave and desire above all others.

Pak Choy!

(the photo is of the pretty divine and very ‘un-Dukan’ Turkish Delight I made last week)

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