Yesterday was a day to get high above the city, lie back in the sunshine, inhale pure oxygen and drink tea from a flask.

It was a day to spend watching a forest full of scouts on a sugar high impale themselves on barbed wire fencing whilst their sausage sizzle went awry and set fire to some pine trees.

It was a day full of birdsong, the crunch of dry heather under foot and live weapons firing from the M.O.D range.

It was a day where birds of prey glided above the green hills, then silently torpedoed down on their unsuspecting target below.

It was a day when a rogue heat-seeking missile (or possibly a back-firing flare) came a little too close to comfort and we turned back to the relative safety of city life.

It was beautiful, it was invigorating and it was just what I needed.

(it just has a really annoying neighbour – bit like a jet ski, only with guns)

4 Replies to “Heat-seeking in the Pentlands”

  1. The image of a jet ski with guns made me laugh out loud. Lovely metaphor.

    Our community has been split by an on-going battle about a gun club that has over the past years expanded into much, much noisier activities—the neighbours are now in full revolt and it looks like the issue is past moderation and going into the territory of legal action. On a hike recently near the club I was serenaded by a shotgun blast every 15 seconds and found the effect unexpectedly unsettling.

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