It does get better…


Watch this, buy this, share this… in any order you prefer.

It’s a very beautiful song with a very poignant message.

Sandra Macbeth is one of this fine crew of singers and also a local Portobello musical talent.

And about a month ago, on a bitterly cold and frosty January night, there was quite an insane 2 a.m. splash in the Firth of Forth involving the Shoogle Sheila herself, a crazy friend in He-man pants and me. I’m a bit hazy over who instigated it and who willingly followed but it was, all in all, a little bit hilarious. Mildly hypothermic… but funny all the same.

That’s how we live it – Portobello-style!

6 Replies to “It does get better…”

  1. Love this!! Pulls at the heart whilst making you want to belt it out loud!! (just a pity i’m in class :O))

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