You know you think you’ve seen everything when suddenly a man pops out of the Thames playing an electric guitar.

So now you think you’ve seen everything. Then a smartly dressed woman sits down opposite you on the tube with a giant badge pinned to the middle of her coat reading:

“Baby on Board”

I. kid. you. not.

3 Replies to “London Sights”

  1. The guy must have electrocuted himself! You lead a very interesting life and I’m very happy that you share such anecdotes with us. Made me laugh so thanks!

  2. Thanks Lo, but I fear my life might be a little less interesting than it appears 🙂

    It was a rare sight to see – man in Thames with electric guitar – but rather brilliant too.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. The Baby on Board badges are provided by TfL so people know that a woman is pregnant and might need a seat. A sad indication that manners aren’t necessarily what they once were, though it does also save the potential embarrassment of offering a seat to the wrong person! I’ve never seen a guitarist in the Thames though!

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