Last night I accidentally tripped over some cocktails so didn’t actually make it to the Stills Camera club but the theme this month was ‘Home’ and I had intended to go. Damn those Breakfast Gimlets!

I found myself thinking a lot about the topic of ‘home’ in the past couple of weeks, about what it means to me and how I might represent it meaningfully with a photo. I struggle with the notion of connecting ‘home’ to a physical place or space, maybe because I’ve lived in a lot of different places, maybe also because I’m about to move again so mentally disconnecting from my current ‘home’. I can feel a great connection to places that could never be called my home. And I often feel very at home in the anonymity of unfamiliar places.

So in the end I kept coming back to this film which connects me to my past and to the people that I call ‘home’. I wanted to show this at the Stills Camera club but for the watching to be a personal and intimate experience. So I rigged it into an old box brownie, with headphones threaded through the peep window at the back.

Put your eye up close to the open lens, smell the faint aroma of tobacco and old leather and let me welcome you to a place called ‘home’.

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