So a week into the new year and my resolution to do one thing every day that scares me is proving a little difficult.

I’ve realised that in order to accomplish this, I will need to develop a fear of… well… pretty much everything. Honestly, an average day in my life does not throw me through so large a trajectory that I’m likely to come across anything that truly scares me – the nearest thing is travelling on the 49 bus which can sometimes be terrifying but is generally just baffling. And a little amusing. And largely smelling of carlsberg special brew.

So I decided to try and trick myself into a fear of the colour orange. Day 2 of 2012 I confronted my (made up) fear by buying a luminous orange jumper. It was reduced to a bargain basement price, some might say, unsurprisingly, given that it is a luminous orange jumper, but it gave me such a feeling of nostalgia for my childhood that I just had to get it. My mum used to have a jumper exactly the same colour and wore it all the time when we were kids. We used to always tease her that  we could spot her through a crowd of thousands because of this jumper.

Well now you can spot me through a crowd of thousands too!

Day 3 I overcame my fear of going out locally in my bright orange jumper by heading to the pub in it. A few heads turned, I can tell you. Away from me. Shielding their eyes. Mainly.

Day 4 I headed to the cinema in my bright orange jumper. And when the lights dimmed for the 6 o’clock film, there was a little corner of the front row glowing like kryponite (only orange).

Day 5 I decided to rethink my new year’s resolution.

But it lasted 3 days longer than “play the piano every day” circa 1984, always my benchmark for resolutions, so I think that’s progress.

photo ©fran

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