Princesses, reindeer poop and the case of the runaway wrapping paper

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Christmas was a panoply of princesses and puppetry this year. Santa was on the money with the princesses (and the aunties did not too bad with the puppet theatre).

No-one misbehaved too much except for Blixen who pooped in granny’s garden while the presents were being delivered. Luckily, Santa was good enough to scoop the poop and leave it in a nappy bag with a note of apology. Funnily enough, in case you’re interested, reindeer poop looks and smells a lot like prunes.

My brother invented a highly original approach to present wrapping. At three in the morning, it seems that the wrapping paper tried to make a bid for freedom so he had to wrestle it to the floor and shackle it to the nearest inanimate object with about 3 metres of sellotape. Opening our hermetically sealed gifts on Christmas morning was quite a challenge.

The Christmas day quiz was just about as close as it could be – lost by a single point with Jada Pinkett-Smith (whoever she is) to blame!

So that’s about it for the Spiller Christmas. Roll on New Year, I say…

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