This may lose something in the retelling but we discovered (I’d like to say invented but that might be overstating things slightly) a funny game this weekend. Phone calls with nursery rhyme characters.

It goes something like this.

Pink plastic disney princess phone starts ringing 

“Hello? Who’s that?… Oh Little Miss Muffet! How lovely to hear from you. Where are you?….

“… Sitting on your Tuffet? That’s nice… are you eating something?…”

“… your curds and whey? Mmm yum yum…”

“… oh… what’s happening… calm down Little Miss Muffet, what’s going on?…”

“…what!… a spider – you say!”

“… what!… it’s sat down beside you???”

“… hello… hello… Little Miss Muffet… are you there??”

“Oh dear, the spider has frightened Little Miss Muffet away”

End of phone call.

Pink plastic disney princess phone starts ring again.

“Hello?… Oh hi, Jack, where are you?… you’re with Jill?…. you’re climbing up a hill?!? What are you doing that for”

“You’re fetching a pale of water?”

“Oh… what’s happened, Jack, are you there, are you OK?”

“You fell down?… and you broke your crown?… well, where’s Jill?”

“She’s fallen down as well???”

The story went on through calling for an ambulance, going to hospital, getting your crown fixed, recuperating in a house made of spiders webs (we were really freestyling at this point).

And then we continued on; the three little pigs and their lamentable house building techniques, Bo Peep and her scatterbrain approach to shepherding, the hapless king’s men and their inability to reconstruct Mr. Dumpty, that infamous burglar-cum-squatter, Goldilocks, and the frightful parenting skills of the woman living in the shoe.

We covered them all. They’re a rum bunch, these nursery rhyme characters, when you really get down to it.

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