This week I have been mainly dreaming about wasps! I’m not sure why. I did get stung by one in France this summer, that flew into the car and got trapped in my armpit. So now I have developed a slight phobia to them, can feel my anxiety levels rising when any happen to be close by.

And then this week (actually in one night), I had two separate dreams about being tormented by the evil things. In one dream, a single wasp was continually buzzing aggressively very close to my face and would not leave me alone no matter what I did. In the second, I had a cluster of them attached to my big toe that I could not get to go away. In the end I managed to flick them into some sand and then tried to bury them as quickly as possible.

It was quite a stressful.

I also had a dream about machine-gunning a car full of people, although in all honesty, I don’t think I was actually holding the gun. That’s what watching Team America: World Police does to you.  I’m very suggestible like that!

And I can’t get the Kim Jung Il puppet singing ‘I’m so ronery’ out of my head – makes me larf every time!

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