Shutters, Dreams and Public Indecency

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I had a very wierd dream last night. I dreamed that I came across a white wall (not unlike the one in this picture) with two sets of shutters (also not unlike the one in this picture) in the middle of a field. But a wall that had no building behind it, It didn’t go anywhere, it was like one side of a house but with no house. On opening the shutters, I could see through the window to a beautiful Chateau with spiralled turrets, high on a hill with trees cascading down towards a wood.

I thought it would make a nice picture so went back to the car to get my camera. When I returned the shutters had disappeared completely and all that was in front of me was a plain white wall. I was confused but as I drew my fingers along the wall I eventually managed to locate the undetectable shutters. On opening them however, the scene I’d previously seen was no longer visible, I could only see overgrown hedgerows in the foreground and little beyond this. When I stood on tiptoes, however, and looked through the camera lens I could see a wall with really amazing graffiti on it but set in a very neglected looking urban environment. No Chateau, no turrets, no woods.

As I tried to figure out what was going on, I heard some noise to my left. I turned to see a long line of people dressed in sky blue robes and with their heads bound completely, except for their eyes, with white bandages, coming down the hill like well dressed patients in an asylum.

Anyone care to take a stab at analysing that one?

On another note, I also managed to accidentally expose myself to some Jehovah’s Witnesses this morning. The price you pay for living opposite the Kingdom Hall. And for absentmindedly getting dressed just as they are all spilling out of Sunday service. The godlessness of it all!



2 Replies to “Shutters, Dreams and Public Indecency”

  1. Travel doesn’t have to be merely physical in this day and age. I stumbled upon this entry (and your blog) and developed an affinity for both. Thank you for making this world a more interesting place!

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