Les Nuits de Fourviere

Back from a magical trip to France so time to share some of the highlights with you all. One of which (or rather two) were the concerts we went to at Fourviere, an amazing old Roman (or was it Greek!) amphitheatre in Lyon, high on a hill overlooking the city. Luckily the rain stayed away (the weather in Lyon was disturbingly like Edinburgh most of the time) but it was too cloudy for the shooting stars we got to see last year.

The first concert we went to was Moriarty (who stole the show in the seductive red dress) and Beirut with The Villagers supporting . The second concert was Angus and Julia Stone (the most magically musically gifted woman I’ve ever seen), Yael Naim with supporting act, Alina Orlova (Lithuania’s Kate Bush/Bjork/Tori Amos).

This clip is from the closing moments of Yael Naim’s final song (which Apple fans may recognize from the MacBook Air advert last year). There is a tradition at Fourviere, since it’s an outdoor venue, everyone is issued with a little plastic cushion to protect their derriere from the chill of the evening. At the last song, everyone chucks them at the stage, cushions flying in every direction – it’s hilarious. Everyone on stage then chucks them all back at the audience. Yael Naim has a fit of giggles in this clip as her piano gets swamped in cushions, then stops playing to chuck some back.

Hope you enjoy it.

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