Lamb Chops with Capers and Garlic

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Lamb Chops with Capers and Garlic
Lamb Chops with Capers and Garlic

This is another Hugh Fairly-Longname recipe. My addition was to marinade the lamb chops in Pomegranate Molasses for about an hour before cooking which makes them sticky, sweet and shiny when cooked.

Firebomb a pan with as much garlic as you can find (well a whole bulb). Brown the lamb chops in the same pan. Put lamb and garlic in a dish that’s been heated up in a 200 degree c oven. Add two tablespoons of capers, large amounts of Rosemary and Thyme (preferably fresh from the allotment or stolen from a hedgerow).  Add a glass of white wine to the pan that you browned the lamb in and reduce. Chuck on top of the lamb and cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Totally delicious.

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