I did a brave thing today. I asked a total stranger if I could take his picture because I thought he had an interesting face.

Here was the deal. I could take his photo in return for a plug for his business which seemed like a fair swap to me.


May I introduce you to Pat Stewart – if you need any scrap metal collected or to buy, then call him on 07707 935 118.

Deal done!

I also dropped my camera today and smashed the filter. I’m still hopeful that only the filter got damaged and not the lens nor the internal workings of the camera itself – but only time will tell. Specks from the glass shards have appeared all over the images though… boo hoo.

4 Replies to “Scrap Merchant”

      1. I hope you’re not seriously thinking of quitting – I love it! I always look forward to your updates. They’re diverse and very inspiring. Please don’t stop.

      2. Cool, I won’t quit then 🙂 I wasn’t seriously thinking of it but was slightly lacking in inspiration so it’s nice to get a comment that gave me a bit of a timely boost – so thanks, much appreciated. xx

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