Hot off the press, this one. Taken this afternoon on a little jaunt to Leith. Waved off from photographing a pile of scrap metal by a man in a high-vis vest and an elevated sense of his own importance (and that of the pile of scrap metal I was trying to photograph). Came home, developed the film and scanned it. This picture feels like it was taken years ago, I’m not sure what has given it this quality, it could be the fact that the film I used is about 3 years out of date but I like it anyway.

4 Replies to “Crane”

  1. Jo, i think i remember photographing this very crane down there with you very early one summer morning! Not in such proper old-fi film glory though. What camera are you using?

    1. You’re right, Brighid! It wasn’t quite so early in the morning this time 🙂
      I’m using a Mamiya 645 medium format film camera and it’s proving to be a lot of fun!

  2. Love the vintage, retro quality of the image. Reminds me of a 1950’s type of shot taken somewhere in the U S of A…

    1. Cheers Deborah, it’s a really nice quality isn’t. Something I think you can probably only get with film. Or maybe out of date film is the key 🙂

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