This is a big set of firsts for me. First medium format camera with no light meter, attempting to master the art of the masterful guess when it comes to aperture and shutter speed. First film entirely processed by me, firstly by guddling about in the black padded t-shirt with elasticated arm band in an attempt to get the film on the reel for processing. First for mixing the chemicals, pouring and agitating to the stop watch. First for the miracle of seeing an image appear on the negative when processed film is finally washed and hung and ready for printing/scanning.

So here is the result (well one of them). I’m completely amazed that I managed to get this far in the process and produce a proper image out of it. Now I think I have the bug, to do it again soon, do it often, do it better – but in the meantime I’m pretty pleased with this collection of firsts.

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