A Quiet Holiday

This has been another really special thing for 2011 – rediscovering my grandpa’s large collection of Super 8 film from the 1950s – 70s.

This one is particularly special. Cine film of the McNeill summer of 1973. Masterfully converted to digital by the fabulously talented, Evi Tsiligaridou. Soundtrack put together by me, with music by Yann Tiersen, Grizzly Bear and Sidney Bechet

I hope you enjoy it.

7 Replies to “A Quiet Holiday”

  1. Lovely footage, and a clever contemporary soundtrack choice with Grizzly Bear. I particularly like the freestyle dance section @ 03:41.

    The Super 8 makes all the seaside locations look like little toy models, very cute.

    Sweet ballet montage to end with too.

    Did you use iMovie? And am I right in thinking your grandpa done the custom titles @ 14:14 also?

    1. Cheers Stu, the dancing is pretty sweet isn’t it? I didn’t do the conversion but I did use iMovie to add the soundtrack to the movie. My friend, Evi, did the conversion but she’s not a Mac user so not sure of the software, possibly Premiere?

      It still makes me smile, even after the 100th time watching it 🙂

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